In developed countries, we ask, “Where have all the leaders gone?”


The race is on – September 2010 The Theatre Board initiates a Cultural Leadership Program, which aims to “support Oz organisations to deliver a range of activities and programs that targets the development of leadership skills and the distribution of leadership, within the theatre sector”
The Board states that: Cultural Leadership is inspiring, building, sustaining.

And that, ‘a cultural leader is the driving force behind the creation and pursuit of a set of artistic, organisational or sector goals.  Developing cultural leadership skills is about building individuals and organisations capacity to:
•  Efectively lead colleagues and/or sector areas through extended periods of experimentation and growth
•  To think and work strategically toward long-term goals
•  To manage, motivate and inspire colleagues
•  To develop fortitude and problem-solving skills in the face of adversity
•  To be fnancially resourceful and responsible
•  To understand, analyse and respond to the complexities of the Australian theatre scene and its relationship  with broader communities.

So here we are, with 5 young women from the Circus & Physical Theatre industry in Victoria, ready to spend a year being mentored by present cultural leaders, attending conferences, workshops and performances, and blogging about their experiences along the way!



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